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Scrape chain Conveyor Machine for Coal/Soot/limestone/Chemical powderScrape chain Conveyor Machine for Coal/Soot/limestone/Chemical powderScrape chain Conveyor Machine for Coal/Soot/limestone/Chemical powderScrape chain Conveyor Machine for Coal/Soot/limestone/Chemical powder

Scrape chain Conveyor Machine for Coal/Soot/limestone/Chemical powder

  • Product name: scraper conveyor
  • Whether it can be processed and customized: Yes
  • Conveying capacity: customized t/h
  • Power standard: KW
  • Conveying distance: customized
  • Conveying direction: vertical conveying, horizontal conveying, inclined conveying, etc.;
  • Weight: 1500kg
  • Applicable fields: building materials, chemical industry, thermal power, grain processing, mining, machinery, smelting, transportation, port, transportation and other industries;
  • Scraper chain material: 45# steel

Scrape chain Conveyor Machine for Coal/Soot/limestone/Chemical powder


Features of scraper conveyor:

The scraper machine has the advantages that the transportation capacity is not affected by the lumpiness and humidity of the cargo, the height of the body is small, it is easy to load, the length of the body is easy to adjust, and the body is strong, so it is widely used in coal mines.


The scraper conveyor is mainly composed of head, tail, middle groove, scraper chain and other components.

1. The transmission part of the machine head (machine head) is composed of the machine head frame, motor, coupling (coupling), reducer and sprocket assembly, derailleur, guard plate, etc.

2. The middle part is composed of transition groove, middle groove, chain, scraper, beam, bolt, dumbbell pin and so on.

3. Tail (transmission part): tail sprocket assembly, derailleur, guard plate and so on.


Working principle of scraper conveyor:

The open chute is used as a bearing member for coal, gangue or materials, and the scraper is fixed on the chain (composed of scraper chain) as a traction member. When the transmission part of the machine head starts, it drives the sprocket on the machine head shaft to rotate, makes the scraper chain circulate, and drives the material to move along the chute until it is unloaded at the machine head. The scraper chain bypasses the sprocket for stepless closed-loop operation to complete the conveying of materials. Blocky materials have the characteristics of internal friction and side pressure. It is pulled along the direction of the conveyor chain's moving force in the machine trough, increasing the internal pressure and the internal friction between the bulk materials. When the internal friction of the material is greater than the external friction between the material and the tank wall, the material will run with the conveyor chain. When the ratio of the height of the material layer to the width of the groove meets certain conditions, the material flow is stable.

Feature of scraper conveyor:

1. Solid structure. It can withstand external forces such as impact, impact, smashing and pressure of coal, gangue or other materials.

2. It can adapt to the needs of uneven and bending movement of the floor of the coal mining face, and can withstand vertical or horizontal bending.

3. The body is short and easy to install.

4. It can also be used as the track for the shearer to run.

5. It can run in reverse, which is convenient for dealing with bottom chain accidents.

6. It can be used as the fulcrum of the front section of the hydraulic support.

7. The structure is simple, and the material can be fed or unloaded at any point along the conveying length.

8. The casing is airtight, and the dust can fly and pollute the environment when conveying materials.

9. When the tail is not equipped with a casing, and the scraper is inserted into the material pile, the material can be taken and transported by itself.


How to choose a suitable model scraper conveyor?

 1. The condition of the material to be transported, such as particle size, material temperature, material specific gravity and other parameters

2. The conveying output requirements of the equipment are used to determine the conveying groove width of the scraper conveyor and the speed of the chain;

3. The working environment requirements of the scraper conveyor have been determined to select the suitable type among vertical, horizontal and inclined

FAQ about the company and the scraper conveyor

Q: Can machine color be customized?
A: Yeah,no problem

Q: Are you a factory or trading house?
A: We are the industry and Trade Company

Q: Do you accept on-site inspection to check your pellet machine and your factory?
A: Yes,we can,but We strongly,firmly,warmly and sincerely expect your personal visit,and we hope to have a face-to-face negotiation with you and hope to do our host for you then.

Q: What payment terms do you prefer?
A: T/T,L/C,West Union,Cash,and so on.

Q: What about your delivery period?
A: 5 to 15 workdays upon getting advance ,it depends on our production task arrangements




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