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1. What's the usage of the Pyrolysis oil? Can it be used in vehicles?
(1) The pyrolysis oil is fuel oil and can be used as fuel in some heavy industry factories, such as glass factory, power plant factory, aluminum factory and so on.
(2) If you want to use the oil in vehicles, you may need the distillation plant. It can distill the pyrolysis oil into diesel.
2. What's the difference between continuous pyrolysis plant and intermittent pyrolysis plant?
They are different in the following aspects:
For the continuous type, the feeding of raw materials and discharging of slag are both automatic. While for the intermittent type, these two processes are manual.
For the continuous type, the feeding hole is very small, so the pretreating system is needed to cut the raw materials into small piece. While the intermittent type does not need this device.
The continuous plant can operate for some time without stop. While for the intermittent plant, the reactor must be cooled before the second batch.
3. Can tire and plastic be mixed to be processed?
Generally, we don't recommend you to mix them. Tire and plastic need different temperature and time to be processed. If you put them together, much fuel will be wasted. Besides, the quality and rate of final oil will also change.
4. How you can clean the emission to meet environmental standard?
3 layers of dedusting system-alkali liquor wasing+ceramic filtering+alkali liquor sprayers. Extra gas from reactor will be recycled into furnace for heating, it will be cleaned by specific device before to be burned of cause. Ash and odor are also well prevented as the pyrolysis system is totally sealed, sepcially for continuous running plants.
5. How long does will take you to delivery ?
A. In stock, within 15 days after received the advanced payment;
B. Out of stock, within 25 days after received the advanced payment.
6. How about your after-service ?
We will provide one year free warranty for our machine, and after machine delivery, we have the engineers which can be sent to your site for machine installation, commissioning and training your workers. You also can feel free to contact us, when you have any questions about our machine.

7. How does your factory do regarding quality control ?
Quality is priority, since establishment, we keep strictly requirements about the quality with using X-Ray to test every section of the products, so we gain high praise from our customers ,all product have to pass strict inspection before they were sent out.
8. Where is your factory ?
Our factory is locate in the industrial area, which only takes about one and half hour from Zhengzhou national airport to our factory. And we have the office very near to the airport which can pick you up directly from the airport to our office or factory. Welcome your visiting!!
9. Are you manufacturer or trade compnay ?
We are the manufacturer, which have more than 15 years experience specialized in all kinds of waste recycling machinery.

10. Why choose us?
Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
We can make the model according your requirements.
We could help customer choose the right model and also provide customization.
11. Is your Transfer Cart customized?
Yes, we can product it according to your needs.