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Oil sludge

  • Author:Doris
  • Release on:2017-09-19
1.Sludge concept
Oily sludge is one of the main pollutants in the petrochemical industry where the crude oil is mixed with the oil or other medium, and the oil can not be recovered directly and may cause pollution.

2.Brief introduction of sludge
Petrochemical enterprises sewage treatment system to produce sludge mainly from the grease trap of the sediment, flotation pool scum, the remaining activated sludge, collectively referred to as "three mud." Oily sludge also includes contaminated sludge in steel smelting, sludge repayment of heavy oil in the process of repairing shipyards

Oily sludge is usually composed of oil-in-water (o / w), water-in-oil (w / o) and suspended solids consisting of a stable suspension of emulsion system, poor dehydration effect, sludge composition and physical water quality, And the factors such as PAHs, heavy metals and other harmful substances, the environment also has radioactive pollution.

The composition of sludge
Oily sludge composition is different, usually oily at a rate of 10% to 50%, the water content in the 40% to 90%, accompanied by a certain amount of solid, coupled with the formation of water purifying agent on sewage purification and adding the floc, equipment and pipeline corrosion and fouling, bacteria (corpse) composed of oily sludge.

Oily sludge contains a small amount of mechanical impurities, such as sand grains, soil, heavy metals, salts, paraffin and asphaltene, etc. the oily components are deposited at the bottom of the tank to form oil sludge at the bottom of the tank.
Oily sludge generally has high oil content, high viscosity, fine particles, dehydration and other characteristics, it not only affects the quality of the crude oil, but also leads to water injection and sewage discharge difficult to reach standards.