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How many type of waste pyrolysis machine there are?
Fuel oil specification
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Delivery to Russia

This is tons waste tyre pyrolysis equipment

Oil sludge

1.Sludge concept Oily sludge is one of the main pollutants in the petrochemical industry where the crude oil is mixed with the oil or other medium, and the oil can not be recovered directly and may cause pollution. 2.Brief introduction of sludge Petrochemical enterprises sewage treatment system to produce sludge mainly from the grease trap of the sediment, flotation pool scum, the remaining activated sludge, collectively referred to as "three mud." Oily sludge also includes contaminated sludge in steel smelting, sludge repayment of heavy oil in the process of repairing shipyards Oily sludge is usually composed of oil-in-water (o / w), water-in-oil (w / o) and suspended solids consisting of a stable suspension of emulsion system, poor dehydra

customer factory show

This is the customer's spot map. His handling capacity is 10 tons per day, the raw material is waste tire. The finished products are fuel oil, steel wire and carbon black.

6 tons waste tire pyrolysis plant

6 tons waste tire pyrolysis plant This is 6 tons waste tire pyrolysis plant . We shiped to Kazakhstan by train.

Customer equipment display

Customer equipment display

Automatic slagging screw

This is a fully automatic carbon black slag discharge system. Can achieve no pollution, no dust.

Deliver goods

How to choose a suitbale factory to product the waste tyres recycling machine?

How to choose a suitbale factory to product the waste tyres recycling machine? More and more people are optimistic about the project of refining equip...

Customer factory

This is our customer factory. This plant is 10 tons capacity per day.It can pyrolysis waste tire,waste plastic and waste rubber.Safety, environmental protection, pollution-free.

50 tons heavy fuel oil distillation equipment instillation

50 tons heavy fuel oil distillation equipment instillation

About Us

   Zhengzhou Odifei Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is one the largest Manufacturing Setup dealing with the Manufacturing and Sale of Pyrolysis plant and Oil Refine Plant.

Ourselves Pyrolysis plant factory was established in 2004. Since beginning the company is maintaining high standards of Quality and Engineering Skills. Therefore, as a token of recognition the CEInternational quality system certification was awarded in the year 2009. We are proud to mention that the Annual sales of Odifei is well over 10 million Us Dollars. It shows the financial strength of the company and the contribution towards overall growth country.

Our Team

  To provide maximum assistance and guideline to our valued customers, our highly motivated technical staff and qualified engineers are always available. We feel our responsibility to provide designs of technical processes,layout of civil drawings, plant installation manual, operation management manual,trouble shooting techniques and preventive maintenance schedules. As a mandatory part, we also provide comprehensive training for both technical and operational personal to ensure maximum support to our customers.

   To maintain consistent growth we strongly believe in providing high quality product at right price. Further,prompt after sale services,consistent innovation and product development are the other very strong features of Odifei.

We have a long association with our national and international customers providing us the confidence to meet the challenges and to move forward every day. To build and retain the harmony among the customers we always mutually share future opportunities, suggestions, recommendation and awareness of upcoming technologies.

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