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What are the main equipment of an oil refinery?

What are the main equipment of an oil refinery?

Refinery equipment mainly includes feeders, heating devices, refining reactors, cooling water tanks, water seals, gas separation bags, spray dust collectors, oil tanks, etc. Refinery equipment is not a single piece of equipment, but consists of a complete The production line is composed of individual equipment that cooperate with each other to complete the refining operation.

The main furnace of ODF company mechanical refining is made of 18/20mm thick boiler plate Q345R/Q245R material, which has stronger high temperature and corrosion resistance and long service life of the equipment; the cooling system adopts box cooling, with a large cooling area and a long cooling distance. , ensuring maximum cooling effect, and the cooling water can also be recycled, which is economical and environmentally friendly.

ODF company engineers can also provide waste tyre pyrolysis equipment design, site layout and environmental protection solution customization services according to customer needs. We are committed to providing customers with personalized solutions to achieve normal operation of the refinery while saving refinery equipment investment costs.