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How much does continuous tire refining equipment cost?

How much does continuous tire refining equipment cost?

Tire refining technology is a method of extracting useful resources from scrap tires after high-temperature treatment. Compared with traditional intermittent tire refining equipment, the use of continuous equipment can improve work efficiency and is the development trend of tire refining equipment.

At present, the investment in continuous tire refining equipment on the market is generally between 5 million and 6 million yuan. Although the investment cost is higher than that of intermittent equipment, which is more than 1 million yuan, its advantages are also obvious. First of all, the continuous equipment uses a completely closed high-temperature processing process, which has a higher safety factor and less pollution; secondly, the processing capacity of the continuous equipment can reach 35-50 tons a day, while the intermittent type can generally only process about 15 tons a day. The processing efficiency is significantly improved. In addition, the continuous equipment adopts automatic control systems such as PLC, which has strong 24-hour continuous operation capability and can run for more than 3 months at a time.

Overall, although the initial investment cost of tire refining continuous equipment is high, in the long run, its advantages of high automation, safety, reliability, and processing efficiency will help enhance the core competitiveness of the equipment. Especially for large-scale tire recycling enterprises, the use of continuous equipment will be an inevitable trend in future development. As long as the investment is properly arranged, the economic and environmental benefits it brings will far exceed the additional investment cost. Therefore, for tire recycling companies, although the cost of purchasing continuous equipment is high, it is still a worthwhile investment choice in the long run.