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Waste plastic pyrolysis project

1.The invention of plastic has brought great convenience to the human society. The wide application of plastic covers almost every aspect of people's daily work, life and entertainment. Plastics are so widely applied that they will also produce more and more plastic wastes, such as plastic packaging strips, boxes, beverage bottles, convenience bags, woven bags, toys, electrical appliances, agricultural films, etc., which has caused serious environmental pollution. How to eliminate the pollution of the plastics to the environment, change the harm to the benefit and increase the energy supply is a problem that the governments of all countries are paying more attention to.

2. simple solutions
The simplest way to deal with plastic waste is to fill and burn it simply. Landfill takes a lot of valuable land resources, but also pollute the surrounding environment and groundwater system: simple incineration will emissions of harmful gas and residue, and due to the recycling of waste plastics combustion is a huge waste of producing a large amount of heat of combustion caused by energy, both of which is not a good idea.

3. ODF -waste plastic pyrolysis equipment