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Heavy oil bunnerHeavy oil bunnerHeavy oil bunnerHeavy oil bunner

Heavy oil bunner

  • As a kind of electromechanical equipment with a high degree of automation, heavy oil burners can be divided into five systems: air supply system, ignition system, monitoring system, fuel system and electronic control system.
  • The role of the oil burner is to provide a certain velocity and volume of air to the combustion chamber.
  • Its main components are: shell, fan motor, fan impeller, barrel, valve controller, valve baffle and diffuser.

Features of Heavy oil burner:

1. Liquid atomized molecules are smaller and burn more fully.

2. Save fuel consumption by 10% to 20%.

3. Strong anti-corrosion ability, increase the service life of the whole machine

4. All parts are easy to disassemble, clean, repair and replace;

5. Can adapt to any type of combustion chamber;

6. Simple structure, easy operation and installation.

7. Fuel oil with high viscosity can be used

8. The size of the flame can be adjusted flexibly and the noise is small;


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