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Customized chain  bucket elevator conveyor for silica sand/cement/limestoneCustomized chain  bucket elevator conveyor for silica sand/cement/limestoneCustomized chain  bucket elevator conveyor for silica sand/cement/limestoneCustomized chain  bucket elevator conveyor for silica sand/cement/limestoneCustomized chain  bucket elevator conveyor for silica sand/cement/limestone

Customized chain bucket elevator conveyor for silica sand/cement/limestone

  • Weight: 2T
  • Power 1.5kW~55kW
  • Boost 30
  • Delivery capacity: 1-300 tons per hour
  • Boost speed 0.3
  • Applicable temperature 500
  • Conveying distance 23m
  • Conveying capacity 20-100
  • Fields of application Grain, mining, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry
  • Alias bucket elevator
  • Chain plate thickness 3-8
  • After-sales service One year warranty, lifetime maintenance
  • Material carbon steel, high manganese steel, stainless steel

Chain bucket elevator

Product Categories

Bucket elevator product categories are mainly divided into: TD series belt bucket elevator, TH series ring chain bucket elevator, TB series vertical bucket elevator, GTD series high-efficiency bucket elevator, TG series steel cord belt Bucket elevators, HL series ring chain centrifugal bucket elevators, NE series plate chain bucket elevators and motor vibration vertical elevators. The hoppers include: shallow buckets, arc-bottom buckets, medium-deep buckets, and deep buckets. Four production methods are available for customers to choose. The production materials mainly include: carbon steel and stainless steel. At present, bucket elevator series products have been widely used in material transportation operations and production links in various industries.

Product introduction

Chain Bucket elevator series products are commonly used lifting and conveying equipment, mainly suitable for vertically conveying powdery, granular, and small pieces of bulk materials with less abrasiveness, such as grain, Coal, cement, crushed ore, etc.

Bucket elevator structure and working principle

The closed traction member winds over the upper and lower sprockets, is tensioned by the tensioning device on the base through the lower redirecting sprocket, and is driven by the upper driving device. The material enters from the lower part of the feed port and is lifted to the upper part by the hopper. When the hopper bypasses the upper sprocket, the material is thrown out under the action of gravity and centrifugal force, and is transported to the silo or other equipment through the discharge port. middle. The hoist forms an endless closed loop with a rising loaded branch and a descending unloaded return branch.

The product has the characteristics of Large conveying capacity, high lifting height, stable operation, long service life, good sealing, less environmental pollution, convenient operation and maintenance, and few wearing parts.

How to choose a suitable bucket elevator?

As a commonly used lifting equipment, the selection of bucket elevator is restricted by many factors. Choosing the wrong model will bring endless troubles to the user.

Generally, the selection of bucket elevator depends on the following factors:

1. The shape of the material: whether the material is powdery, granular or small.

2. The physical properties of the material: whether the material has adsorption or viscosity, and whether it contains water.

3. Specific gravity of materials: Generally, the parameters of bucket elevators are designed and calculated for materials with a specific gravity below 1.6. If the specific gravity of materials is too large, it is necessary to calculate the traction force and the tensile strength of the transmission part.

4. Delivery volume per unit time.


Company Profile

Zhengzhou Oudifei is a large-scale joint-stock enterprise that mainly produces bucket elevators and integrates scientific research, production and sales. After years of experience accumulation and development, it has formed a strong comprehensive technological innovation system. , assembly, inspection and maintenance packaging, shipping and other advanced production equipment and large-scale production capacity, and provide perfect after-sales service, has a good reputation among users, in terms of the reputation of the manufacturer and the quality of the equipment, it is relatively reliable.

After-sales service

a. 24-hour selection guidance to maintain equipment;

b. Provide production line equipment planning;

c. Technical personnel can be arranged to go to the site to measure and plan;

d. Assistance in choosing the right model

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